Our Work

A former member of the Shaftesbury Society and Ragged School Union, the Mission continues to hold non-denominational Sunday School Services and strives to carry on the charitable work begun by the original Founders.

Charter Street Mission is situated in Angel Meadow close to the City centre of Manchester, UK. It sits on the corner of Dantzic Street and Little Nelson Street and is recorded as a building of Special Significance.

The Trustees and members are proud of the legacy the founders have laid down and are committed to ensuring the building continues to provide a place of Christian Worship and serve the changing needs of the community. They have connections to the building going back three generations.

Charter Street Mission will be celebrating 150 years and we are working to ensure the building is able to be enjoyed by future generations. Currently the building may be looking a little old and tired, but it is full of character and we believe it still has a role to play in serving the Manchester Community today.

If you would like to support us in both preserving this historic building and ensuring its continued use in the future you can make a donation via the donate section of this website.